The Fundamentals of Good Medical Care [Selected excerpts]
Roger I Lee, M.D. and Lewis Webster Jones, Ph.D. [1933] [PDF]

Lee, Jarone and Sigmond, Robert M.
HealthRight Rx: Increasing Access to Prescription Medications through Patient Assistance Programs
Drexel University School of Public Health (Apr. 2003)

Hospital Community Benefit Standards Program (Chairman: Sigmond, R. M.)
A New Certification Program for Hospitals that meet High Standards of Community Service.
New York University. (1989)

Shapers of America Health Care Policy
Lewis E. Weeks and Howard Berman (1985)

Committee on the Cost of Medical Care.
Medical Care for the American People.
University of Chicago Press. (1932)
Cover and Introduction [PDF]
The Present Status of Medical Care [PDF]
The Essentials of a Satisfactory Medical Program [PDF]
Chapter 3: An Ultimate Objective in the Organization of Medicine [PDF]
Chapter 4: Plans and Experiments Now Under Way [PDF]
Chapter 5: The Recommendations of the Committee [PDF]
Chapter 6: The Challenge of the Future [PDF]
Recommendations of the Principal Minority Group [PDF]
Personal Statements [PDF]
Index [PDF]